The Herald Bulletin

December 5, 2012

Letter: Christian may be most misused word

— The word “Christian”is possibly the most misused word in today’s society. It is tossed around so loosely, as if meaning, “I’m not an atheist so that makes me a Christian.” The word “Christian” appears only three times in the New Testament. It was first used as a derogatory expression as the New Testament’s use of this term indicates that it was a term of derision, a term placed upon Christ’s followers by their critics.

The early followers of Christ Jesus chose not this name for themselves, it was a name that was applied to them. I have no objection to the word “Christian” but I prefer to be known as a “born-again believer” so as to make a distinction between myself and people who call themselves Christians and, by vote or speech, contradict the clear principles mandated in the written Word of God.

For anyone, whether a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or independent voter, who is trusting in government to provide for his or her needs, you are breaking the First Commandment: “I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

Anything that is the most important thing in our lives has become our god.

Bob Armstrong