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October 27, 2013

You Said It: About CATS terminal, the reservoir and a manhunt

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

A letter to the editor from a New Albany resident published Oct. 24 opined that the proposed reservoir would be harmful to city and the state.

◆ This area of Anderson isn’t what it was 30 years ago. ... it would be better off under a lake!

◆ None of Anderson is “what it was 30 years ago.”

◆ I’m all for it. ... don’t give a damn about the ‘displaced’ businesses, my Mom’s property value will go up and it’s all about what I will get out of it!

◆ How long are the citizens that will be affected most over this nonsense expected to be held hostage? Will it be allowed to linger on for years as Mr. Sparks tries to secure funding for it?

◆ THB: And the reservoir saga continues

Mayor, council in disagreement over location for a new CATS terminal. (Oct 24)

◆ Which corner at 14th and Central? What would need to be torn down? there isn’t a whole lot of room across from the Dollar store. ... So what are they gonna do away with?

◆ In my opinion, it should be built on property already owned by the city of Anderson, if possible. Who owns the property at 14th & Central, and the property across from dance studio?? When #1 Fire Station was built several years ago, the city purchased that property from a prominent local politician whose party was in office (if I remember correctly). Imagine that.

◆ What happened to the Ockomon plan of building it at the old Cline Lumber site? There used to be a sign there saying it was going to be built at that location.

◆ THB: It’s all a moot point now, since Council vice president Donna Davis introduced an amendment to the budget that had passed first reading at a previous council meeting. That amendment removed all funding for a new CATS terminal and instead new buses will be purchased.

A suspected shoplifter was caught after a four-hour manhunt last week in the Anderson area. (Oct. 23)

◆ Gotta love it when they think they can run from the K9. Don’t criminals ever watch COPS???

◆ THB: If they don’t, they should!

Two human rights groups criticize US drone program. (Oct. 22)

◆ I’m all for it. ... reduce risk to our soldiers ... massive impact to our enemies ... why not?

◆ THB: Agreed, the biggest plus has to be the risk reduction to our soldiers.