The Herald Bulletin

October 30, 2013

Letter: Is US the new 'Evil Empire'?

The Herald Bulletin

---- — In 1983, President Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as "The Evil Empire." Is there a new "Evil Empire" emerging in the world? Perceptions around the world often classify America as a "bully nation," demonstrating great arrogance while pushing its program of socialistic people, selected military enforcements, financial controls and immorality on the entire world.Globally, respect for America is cratering. Vladimir Putin, of all people, has even referred to America as "an emerging socialist police state that is strangling the American people's freedom." There has been scandal after scandal, unconstitutional measures against the American people, funneling of arms to al-Qaida linked rebels in Syria, and ongoing deceptive media controls against the American populace, while the government executes ungodly globalist policies nationally and throughout the world.Things don't just happen, but so often are deceitfully planned. What did we gain from the Vietnam War for example, absolutely nothing, besides 58,000 dead, high inflation, and the killing of many Vietnamese. I believe the Vietnam War was purposely extended so the international bankers could make more money.Hardship is coming to America if there is not a sincere recrudescence and repentance unto and before Almighty God. Famine and poverty will become rampant in this nation. There is a spiritual law that one "reaps what one sows." Spiritual laws always work, just like physical laws. America has blood on its hands and will reap from her multitude of sins. Remorse will ensue but then it'll be too late.

Michael Imhof