The Herald Bulletin

June 23, 2013

You Said It: About road safety, raises for school staff and a bomb threat

The Herald Bulletin

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Our View in The Herald Bulletin supported the idea of merit-based raises for school administrators. (June 16)

THB: Teachers and administrators can’t be expected to work miracles, but they should inspire kids to learn.

Summer time brings kids outside to play, and extra safety precautions should be taken by motorists and others (June 17).

THB: Anderson does need some serious infrastructure improvements. But it’s hard to do without a solid tax base. Seems like everything traces back to the fact that we simply need more good jobs in Madison County.

Flagship Enterprise Center CEO Chuck Stanley will receive the Sagamore of the Wabash Award from Gov. Mike Pence. (Article published June 21)

THB: Staley has indeed made a tremendous difference in this community in so many ways.

A bomb threat forced evacuation of some downtown buildings, including the Madison County building. (June 19)

THB: Maybe ... but this is a big deal to taxpayers, with government workers waiting around outside while they were on the clock.

The Herald Bulletin published an item online Wednesday about a technical problem with its phone system.

THB: Ooh, despicable you!

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