The Herald Bulletin

June 26, 2013

Letter: Businesses, job seekers, meet success at job fair

— On June 6, 52 businesses from Anderson, Madison County and the surrounding area participated in a Job Fair at Madison Park Church of God. There were 1,153 job seekers interested in more than 700 jobs available in the city, county and surrounding area.

This Job Fair was a joint effort of WorkOne Anderson, Central Indiana Regional Workforce Board, Madison County Chamber, Corporation for Economic Development, Board of Madison County Commissioners, JobSource, The Herald Bulletin and Madison Park Church of God. Additionally, the City of Anderson Transit System (CATS) provided a shuttle service to the Job Fair. Miller Huggins contributed a copier for the day to be used by employers and job seekers.

A special thank-you to area businesses for taking the time to share your job openings and talking to interested applicants. The feedback indicates Anderson has an excellent pool of applicants for workforce demands. Success stories of businesses hiring new team members the day of the job fair have already been reported.

Businesses or applicants that missed the job fair may access job matching services through the WorkOne Anderson office at 222 E. 10th St. These services include matching applicants and employers, a variety of seminars for businesses and job seekers, WorkKeys assessments and specialized recruiting. Applicants interested in a Fast Track to employment may attend a series of workshops including job search, resume clinics, interviewing and networking.

This event far exceeded the initial expectations and was a great success for the community; employers and job seekers alike. A big thank you to everyone who made this Job Fair a success.

If you are a business looking to hire or a job seeker looking for employment or a better job, please visit WorkOne Anderson.

Cindy Donnelly

Executive director



Wage, benefits cuts explain poverty level

Why has the poverty level of Hoosiers increased do drastically since the GOP has taken over the governorship, House and Senate, while big business profits have gone through the roof?

For one, all the wage cuts and taking away workers’ benefits have gone directly into the pockets of big business, without an ounce of help for the common worker; like price cuts.

The Chamber of Commerce stated (THB June 24) that good business legislation (right to scab), law and others helped business grow. Nuts! What a crock. Workers deserve some legislation and respect. Who cares if big business grows, if they fire all their workers and cut the pay of all the rest.

Now comes the announcement that St. John’s Hospital will fire hundreds of employees. Just another testimonial to the Republican cancer in Indianapolis and the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau (Republican pimps).

How many Republican state-elected officials are headed for possible jail terms or are being investigated right now? And, how is the no-call working? Are you getting more nuisance calls than before the law was passed? Are our roads full of potholes and broken-down bridges and culverts? Is all taxpayer money going to religious and private schools, while the 90 percent of us get short-changed?

Frank Couch



Citizens need to demand turnaround of policies

Wake up, free traders. After at least 20 years of free trade (one world order), what are the results?

All the states are drowning in ink, along with most citizens. The wealth has gone to the 1 percent (banks, stock market and multi-corporations). Even the Supreme Court has jumped on the destruction agenda.

If citizens don’t come alive and demand a turnaround of the insane policies now in place, I see a country, even a world, in decay. Our leaders, once they adopt an action (free trade, no regulations, wars, trickle down, etc.), refuse to admit a mistake, and continue on. Only when the average citizen finally says enough, that’s when the carnage of America will end.

But, will citizens ever wake up? Who knows? One thing is sure, they can’t keep sleeping and expect their lives to change. The 1 percent is awake and scheming. Enough said!

Tom Jewell