The Herald Bulletin

June 26, 2013

Letter: Wage, benefits cuts explain poverty level

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Why has the poverty level of Hoosiers increased do drastically since the GOP has taken over the governorship, House and Senate, while big business profits have gone through the roof?

For one, all the wage cuts and taking away workers’ benefits have gone directly into the pockets of big business, without an ounce of help for the common worker; like price cuts.

The Chamber of Commerce stated (THB June 24) that good business legislation (right to scab), law and others helped business grow. Nuts! What a crock. Workers deserve some legislation and respect. Who cares if big business grows, if they fire all their workers and cut the pay of all the rest.

Now comes the announcement that St. John’s Hospital will fire hundreds of employees. Just another testimonial to the Republican cancer in Indianapolis and the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau (Republican pimps).

How many Republican state-elected officials are headed for possible jail terms or are being investigated right now? And, how is the no-call working? Are you getting more nuisance calls than before the law was passed? Are our roads full of potholes and broken-down bridges and culverts? Is all taxpayer money going to religious and private schools, while the 90 percent of us get short-changed?

Frank Couch