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July 29, 2013

You Said It: July 29

The Herald Bulletin

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The mother of Melanie Lyons believes that James Kilgore, who is currently in the Madison County jail, induced someone to set fire to Lyons, who is in critical care. But Kilgore claims he had nothing to do with it. (Articles published July 26 and 27)

◆ “That’s horrid no matter how it happened, but that’s some pretty crazy allegations. It will be interesting to know the truth. So sad.”

THB: Lyons reportedly has only a small chance of survival. If there was foul play involved, someone might be facing a murder charge.

Local rallies drew attention to the case of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen who was killed by George Zimmerman. (July 21)

◆ “It’s easy to say let it go, but how would you feel if it was your unarmed child shot dead by a grown person?”

◆ “So sick of this! A jury acquitted him. Let it go.”

THB: Whatever you think of Zimmerman’s acquittal, the national and local reaction point to the fact that we do not live in a “raceless” society.

A royal baby is born in England. (Articles last week)

◆ “The city is falling apart, crime, drugs, kids dropping out of school, jobless rate ... and you report about a kid of royalty in another country that will never do anything for anyone ever. Hmm, sounds like the royalty we have in the White House.”

◆ “Well, some of us enjoy hearing about the royal family. Perhaps we need some good news once in a while instead of all the bad we do hear.”

THB: Some news is important and interesting. Some news is one but not the other. Interest in the royal baby was high here in Madison County, as it was across many parts of the world.

Stephanie Morris of Elwood is crowned Madison County 4-H Fair queen. (July 22)

◆ “So happy to see something good come from Elwood. All you see in the news are bad things.”

THB: Well, it’s a popular thing to say — that all the news is bad — but if you tally up good vs. bad in the pages of our paper, you’ll find that good usually wins out!

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