The Herald Bulletin

April 16, 2013

Letter: Vacant buildings should be utilized

— Anderson seems to be on the mend in many ways; however, it does have a sore spot! There are many buildings, storefronts, vacant rooms here and there, the old Kia and Ford dealerships, and the list goes on. I think southwest annexation would be good and northeast would be bad. Instead of worrying about these things, Mayor Smith should form a committee to find occupants for many of the vacant buildings. This would definitely help the Madison County and Anderson city tax problems. Some of our streets are smooth. Some are not. They need attention.

I have a couple of vacant buildings on which I pay property tax and insurance — barely! Maybe the Chamber of Commerce could help out. They know of my buildings.

Seems as though everyone wants to locate off Scatterfield Road, but the downtown area is still alive and is looking forward. People need to rent what is now available instead of erecting new buildings. Being in a downtown location doesn’t seem to help, but it should — on one of Anderson’s busiest streets — West 14th.

W.J. Campbell