The Herald Bulletin

April 22, 2013

Letter: Community backing supports students

— The annual “Students to Europe” auction, which was held at Lapel High School on April 13, brought in $12,214. This total was an all-time auction high. On behalf of all the students who profited from this event, I would like to thank all workers, contributors and the attendees who showed their support by purchasing items.

There are now 42 Lapel High School juniors scheduled to travel to Europe in the fall of their senior school year, and this will be the 18th consecutive year for LHS seniors to participate in the 10-day adventure. All year, students have been working on fundraisers to help with trip expenses. The auction was this year’s final event. Total dollar amount raised this year from all events was $23,995.

The backing and support citizens of this small community give our students is incredible. So, once again, I would like to thank parents, community members, patrons, businesses and everyone else who has supported these activities. You have truly made a difference in the lives of these students by helping them participate in this amazing educational opportunity. Without your support, some students would have been unable to enjoy the benefits of the annual trip.

Jerry Kemerly

Teacher and sponsor of Students to Europe

Lapel High School