The Herald Bulletin

November 14, 2012

Viewpoint: Chinese government has never been friend to US

By Jim Delp
Pendleton resident

— How can people who have been so educated, been given so much responsibility, confess to be such caring people, and yet still be so blind and ignorant? Recently it was reported that China’s government is training teachers to come to the United States and teach our children their language, costing them millions of dollars.

On the news, this ignorant school principal said they do not get into politics. Maybe he ought to think about how he is supposed to be protecting the children.

First of all, did you ever know China to do anything that did not specifically benefit themselves? So why would they do this? Out of the goodness of their hearts? China still has a black market, China still subsidizes their companies to undercut prices and drive U.S. companies out of business, China still falsely downgrades the Yen, China still sends lead-based toys and pet food to the U.S. and around the world, China still sends spies into the U.S. and Internet, China still sells arms promoting unrest, China still has child labor, China has little concern or control over pollution, China still acquires more and more wealth while their own citizens starve.

Ask yourself why they have done this?

My assessment is that they are simply grooming children who are vulnerable to influence in order to make a connection with the next generation. Much the same way a predator grooms an easily influenced child.

Wake up! That principal may not be politically motivated, but he is certainly acting like a politician.  Blinders on and only looking at the money and prestige. China’s government is not and has never been our friend. Someone better rethink this, God forbid you turn it over to the politicians.