The Herald Bulletin

July 13, 2013

Viewpoint: Tea party advocates conservative government through election process

Tea party advocates conservative government through election process

By Danny Hayes
Alexandria resident

---- — The tea party movement is the only independent organization in Madison County advocating conservative government through the election process and active engagement of the elected official, either in person, or via phone, letters and the occasional rally.

The organization meets at one of three locations each month. Within the approximately 70 regular attendees are: farmers, doctors, high school teachers, plant manager, quality control manager, insurance agency owner, residential construction business owners, design engineer, residential rental owners, radio evangelist host, co-founder Frederick Douglass Foundation, County Council members, mom-and-pop business owners, engineers, church minister, blue-collar employees, elected officeholders and most other fields.

With ages ranging from 17 years old to 80 years old, 60 percent are retired with over 1,000 years of combined knowledge. Some having been born during the Depression, living through World War II and other armed conflicts. Over one-half of the attendees are vets.

Chances are you know one or more of the like-minded citizens of the Madison County Tea Party. This cross section of professional, business knowledge and life experience should be a good barometer of where our country has been, where we are now and why most of us fear the country is losing the way of life that has made this nation the greatest nation, time and world has ever known.

Going from a nation where accomplishment and achievement was result of hard work, determination and personal desire, to one of government control and dependency. One where the citizen asks not what he or she can do for this country, instead wants to know what the country is going to do for them, when and how much.

Since our lives are at a slower pace and while we are still living, I ask the grandparents to explain and relate, why, where this nation has been, is far greater, then where it is headed and if present trend continues, our greatest years are not ahead of us.

The yet to be born will never know the country I grew up in. Find out yourself what the "tea party" is about and help us.

For location, date and time of next meeting, call Danny Hayes at 754-7251 or visit