The Herald Bulletin

January 8, 2013

Letter: Goodbye to ‘do-nothing’ Congress

— At last, the most “do-nothing” Congress in history is coming to a close. John Boehner is the worst leader of the House of Representatives in modern history. He and the Republican/tea party managed to obstruct any bills that would have put Americans back work. Thanks to their willingness to not increase the debt limit, money that would pay our bills, caused the down-grading of our credit rating causing Americans to pay billions of dollars more in interest payments.

The Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, set a new record for filibusters in the Republican caucus to see that nothing that would help Americans failed. Just because he vowed to hold President Obama to one term. How did that work out, Mitch? Things were so bad, that McConnell introduced a bill, and then turned around and led a filibuster of his own bill.

Poor John McCain has been nipping at the heels of President Obama for four years and in every case was wrong. He is just a bitter old man who got his clock cleaned and can’t get over it. The American people rejected your ideas, Senator, so I think it would be best if you retired to one of your wife’s many homes.

Our man Mitch, who sold the Indiana toll road and spent it all to make him look good, has caused the Republican-run Congress to ponder raising taxes to fix our roads. I see that IU will house Mike Pence’s legislative accomplishments. Won’t need much room, as his record will fit on a post-it note.

Jerry L. Hodson