The Herald Bulletin

July 5, 2013

Letter: Common man's current woes trace to GOP

— Taxes in Indiana are going down for the rich and Carmel and Fishers. Not for you or me! The only tax break we get, if you want to call it a break, is when your pay check goes down, resulting in less taxes.

All the time that restaurant employees make $3 an hour, plus tips, prices go up. Where are all the jobs? Pence and the Republican super majority in Indianapolis? Ever since Bush, Cheney, Rumfeld, Ashcroft, all our good jobs disappeared; in just six years. The super majority works fine for Carmel/Fishers, but not for small-town Indiana.

The Republicans don’t hesitate to ask this same question of President Obama, while blackmailing and sabotaging our economy to make him look bad. Well then, why not ask this same question here in the Republican-controlled Hoosier state?

When George was elected, there were millions of jobs. You could quit one and find another, maybe even better at four tmes the money and benefits available today.

You could buy a home for your family and take a vacation every year. Everything Bush touched turned into crap and they (GOP) have gotten so encouraged about 2014 that they want to do away with Social Security, Medicare and all pensions and welfare.

I don’t believe Wall street and their pimps, the Republicans, should be running my life or the country (nothing bigger than a fruit stand). I’m fed up with the Republican Party selling out the working class and Middle America and their surrogates, Wall Street, who set prices, wages and decide who goes bankrupt, then are the first paid. The deck is stacked, the dice are loaded, the game is crooked.

Frank Couch