The Herald Bulletin

March 31, 2013

Editorial: Easter is a time to rejoice

— It is hard to think of any entity loving the human race unconditionally, what with all the failings and disappointments that people tend to inflict on one another. At times, it seems almost the nature of humanity to destroy itself.

We tend to think of our troubles when faced with tragedy or unforeseen circumstances — illness in a family, relationships gone sour or bills that can’t be paid. Look around any community and find neighbors arguing with one another or residents being tested by impoverished conditions. Sometimes the suffering, whether controllable or by our own doing are overwhelming. Our lives, we hope, could be better if these troubles could be salvaged in a few hours or days but finding solace can take weeks and years.

Thankfully Christians have the Holy Week that includes Good Friday and Easter as a time to contemplate suffering and how their savior’s unimaginable pain, death, burial and resurrection led to a world offering grace, redemption and hope.

During this most important Christian Holy Week, Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper when Jesus shared Passover with his disciples, Good Friday symbolizes the crucifixion and this day, Easter, is the great holiday where believers rejoice in the resurrection. In essence, the resurrection gives Christians a new birth into hope. Earthly troubles, while real, are minuscule when compared to their savior’s. Hope becomes living and attainable. So in today’s world when life’s troubles can seem overwhelming, there is a sense that unconditional love of humanity can exist. There is an optimism that indeed, despite our woes, there are better times coming.

On this Easter hopefully you can spend time with your family and friends and offer a thoughtful moment to express the hope of the day.