The Herald Bulletin

April 4, 2013

Letter: Reservoir timetable, cost underestimated

— Taxpayers should be careful about the information on the new reservoir. It is my experience that any estimates on cost will be off by a factor of at least 2 and probably 3. So a $500,000 estimate is really $1,000,000 to $1,500,000. Where do you think this money will come from? And this is just to get started before the dam.

Also it is my experience that the timetable for this sort of project will be off by several years — they always underestimate the problems they will run into. Then note the location of the dam. Why not move the dam to the east side of town so that the city can take advantage of the waterfront in the downtown area? Oh let us see. There are parks that may be flooded, there are government buildings that might get involved, there is at least one golf course that might be affected, and the added cost for the property that would have to be purchased would be substantial.

Fortunately I am old and by the time this dam is built I will be long gone.

Stephen Smith