The Herald Bulletin

August 28, 2013

Letter: Public safety should be city priority

The Herald Bulletin

---- — What is the federal government's first priority — jobs, national security, public security? What is a city's first priority? Giving tax breaks to businesses for the promise of future jobs? No. Hiring out-of-town department heads in your political circle? No. It's public safety. Period.

The closing of fire stations and firing of firefighters is nuts. Period. Kevin Smith tried to close the 21st Street/Columbus Avenue station the last time he was in office. I guess he now thinks he can finish his agenda.

This letter is written to protest his selfish, foolish, inane idea of cutting government first responders, who may save yours or my life if an emergency arises. Stop this madness of cut, cut, cut by the Republican political machine. Public safety is Job No. 1 for all government officials.

Thanks go to all the police and firemen who put their lives on the line in the name of public safety. No thanks to Kevin Smith or Phil Rogers.

Ronald K. Jones