The Herald Bulletin

September 3, 2013

Letter: Opinion changes on proposed reservoir

The Herald Bulletin

---- — This is to the voters of the county concerning the proposed reservoir that is on the agenda of the Ricker and Cook families, who will benefit enormously if the reservoir is allowed.

There is something fishy going on here. After reading the viewpoint by Sheryl Myers that was published on July 30, I've changed my mind about being for the reservoir, since the reservoir will be done by private resources.

Her letter was an eye-opener for me and, I hope, many others in this town.

There are two sides to every story, Sheryl Myers showed us small people the other side.

Money is power in America, but the voting people can put the brakes on the power people by voting out of office their shills who speak with a forked tongue to us. Thank you, Sheryl, for opening our eyes to what is the rest of the story.

"A wise man will change his mind, a fool never does."

I am changing my mind, thanks to Sheryl.

Ronald K. Jones