The Herald Bulletin

September 9, 2013

You Said It: About ACS' superintendent, Wendell Crumes and Tony Bennett

The Herald Bulletin

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Veteran educator Beth Clark named interim superintendent for Anderson Community Schools. (Article published Sept. 4)

"I am sorry to hear that Beth does not want the superintendent position. She is what this community needs, someone who knows the community both socially and economically. ACS will only hurt themselves, like they did with Dr. Chow if they go too far a field in choosing both their interim and permanent superintendent."

THB: The ACS board needs to choose the best possible person for this job, regardless where they are from. There are pros and cons of choosing someone from the community as well as choosing someone who is not from the community.

Boxing comes to Geater Center in Wendell Crumes' honor (Sept. 4)

"Coach Crumes knew no color! On many occasions during the 1980s I was the only white kid in the group traveling with him to Indy to train. I never heard one remark about race."

"Wendell Crumes was a fine man. Too bad more aren't like him."

THB: Sounds like a great group of people keeping Crumes’ legacy of helping youth through the sport alive at the Geater Center.

An independent investigation into the state's new A-F school grading system has found that former state schools superintendent Tony Bennett "fairly" changed grades. (Sept. 7)

"What a shame. It only takes a moment to destroy a person's reputation. Tony is a wonderful man. He may never fully recover professionally. Do you think the media will be as quick to report this story?"

"He did more for public schools in his short time as Indiana superintendent then the vast majority of tenured crap teachers in the public school systems and administrators too. Private and charter schools are the way to go if you want your child to have a good education. Stay out of public schools if you really care."

THB: Bennett was vindicated in these allegations, but the investigation did blame him for rushing the controversial school grades without a pilot program and the group found "deep distrust" of Bennett among educators.

Executive director of the Animal Protection League, Maleah Stringer, discusses pit bulls, the misunderstood dog breed in her column. (Sept. 7)

"Every day, we see injustices aimed at bully breed dogs and it is very nice to see a voice of reason interjected into the madness that surrounds them. Thank you for taking the time to be their voice."

"Pit bulls were once known as the 'Nanny dog' for children because of their gentle nature. Don't believe it? Look it up. Only humans can be blamed for the change to this wonderful breed."

"Wonderful column. There are too many ignorant and intolerant people in this world. Thank you for highlighting the importance of common sense."

THB: Even a yorkie can be mean if trained that way. It's a human problem, not a dog problem. Give the breed a chance.