The Herald Bulletin

November 20, 2013

Letter: Presidential power takes away citizens' rights

The Herald Bulletin

---- — I've pondered how our current president seems to have more power than any other president in our history. I'm just amazed how he can do what he does and get away with it. There has been scandal after scandal. There has been executive order after executive order signed, increasingly taking away more rights of the citizens. Who needs Congress?

In reality, the global elitists probably could not have chosen a better man to execute their insidious policies. He represents their interests well. That said, the real power lies with the global elitists behind the scenes, which control what does and does not take place in our government. The President is just a point man for their efforts. Never mind that he never had to reveal his records. Never mind he came out of nowhere with minuscule experience. The global elitists have promoted and protected him from the beginning.

Of course, the global elitists also control the media. As such, the global elitists tell the citizens what they need to know. Most citizens don't realize that the Patriot Act and Obamacare are, in reality, control bills. Groundwork is being laid for the demise of this country as we know it. The Constitution has purposely been targeted as a key part of this demise.

In reference to Obamacare, it will bring devastation to this country if fully implemented. I cannot be more emphatic about that statement. This bill is not in America's best interests, and there is a hidden agenda. Michael ImhofAnderson