The Herald Bulletin

July 7, 2013

Letter: Council president allowed time for all to speak

The Herald Bulletin

---- — I was present at the May 13 Madison County Council meeting to discuss reinstating the wheel tax. Tom Hinkle's viewpoint regarding the meeting and his comments about council President John Bostic being a dictator were more than a little over the top. Everyone who wanted to speak (and there were many) was allotted two minutes in which to do so. Everyone! When self-identified tea party folks are yelling at the council, two minutes is plenty for such uncivil behavior.

The council president allowed all who wanted to speak to do so, regardless of their positions and regardless of their civility.

Attacks on Mr. Bostic are laughable when I recall the previous council president who, at times, refused to allow some county officials to be placed on the agenda and even abruptly adjourned a meeting as one official approached the speaker's podium. Now, that was a dictator!

All the members of this council work hard and, at times, their bipartisan efforts have resulted in increased efficiency and monetary savings to Madison County taxpayers. One of the many examples of this stewardship is the way they worked with the county commissioners, prosecutor, judges, sheriff and others to reduce the expensive out-of-county housing of jail inmates, due to jail overcrowding.

If you want to see what is really going on at the county council, attend a council meeting. They meet at 5 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month in the Madison County courthouse. Check the county website just in case a meeting is rescheduled. Don't rely on letters to the editor about the county council. Come see for yourself; you elected the council members.

Joe Carney