The Herald Bulletin

April 17, 2013

Letter: America’s original sin should be fought

— David Hooper warns that readers should “expect a crisis every six to 12 months (now that Obama has been re-elected). That’s Chicago politics.” But John Boehner told ABC’s “This Week” the truth. That is, he agreed with Obama that we do not have a debt crisis at this time. That’s Republican crisis politics.

James W. Clark gave readers “the formula for absolute control.” “Destroy all religious belief in God, the Bible and the Commandments,” as if the Commandments are not a part of the Bible. Since Americans — 90 percent plus — believe in God, there is no reason to Clark’s crazy fear. And even with only 20 percent of Christians attending religious services weekly and about 50 percent who attend for Christmas, Easter, a wedding or a death, we still have a Christian culture so-to-speak to combat barbarism at the gates. But wouldn’t it be great if Christians across America would fight off America’s original sin: Racism, aka hatred for Obama?

The battering Republicans suffered in 2012 — particularly among women, blacks and Latinos — seems finally to have worked its way into Reince Priebus’ cerebral cortex. But have no fear; they will simply get rid of Priebus as party leader. They just can’t give up their divisive policies, and defending Bush’s war of choice with Iraq that should have never happened. What a cadre of liars.

Even the Fed’s chief, Ben Bernanke, a Republican, says that further stimulus is necessary. Yet, some Republicans believe Obama is “Satan.”

Bill J. Paschal