The Herald Bulletin

May 5, 2013

You Said It: About emergencies, Fredrick Baer and hiring a new ACS superintendent

The Herald Bulletin

— Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Convicted murderer Fredrick Michael Baer nears the end of the appeals process on death row. (Article published April 28)

THB: No one has forgotten the victims. The articles were meant to inform and give some insight into life on death row.

Former Pendleton Heights coach Bill Stoudt was honored as the Pendleton Heights High School baseball field was renamed in his honor. (April 26)

THB: Sounds like a much deserved honor.

Anderson’s Athletic Pool was added to Indiana Landmarks’ 10 Most Endangered. (April 26)

THB: The pool is a historical piece of Anderson that needs to be saved. Now that the nonprofit Indiana Landmarks has named the pool to its 10 Most Endangered, an annual list of Hoosier landmarks in jeopardy, this will bring more attention to the pool’s plight.

Muscular dystrophy sufferer graduates from college after 10-year battle. (April 30)

THB: Just shows you what determination, hard work and the help of others can do. Congrats, Toni, on accomplishing your dream.

A Herald Bulletin editorial opined that in time of man-made or natural emergencies it’s reassuring to have a county emergency management agency. (April 30)

THB: Agreed, the people involved in emergency management are to be commended for all the work that they do.

The Anderson Community Schools board has broader options now in hiring a new superintendent. (May 1)

THB: Anderson Community Schools needs a leader who has a solid background in education and has the knowledge and tools to help the school system rise above the many challenges it faces.