The Herald Bulletin

May 20, 2013

Letter: County Council should nix wheel tax

— Following a conversation with Councilwoman Lisa Hobbs after the May 13 County Council meeting, I believe, in her mind, the wheel tax is needed. I wondered if she considers money available without the new tax, example $2.8 million being sent to Madison County for roads from the state, the $1.5 million within the 2013 county budget along with the $400,000 for road equipment. When the $1.3 million wheel tax was proposed, the $2.8 million from state more than doubled that generated with wheel tax, was not in the plans. Is need still there? I tried to explain the senior citizen problems.

The welfare state we have created is, in part, the effects of high taxes. I ask Lisa and others on the council, don’t take our money in form of taxes, let us pay our own way. We can and will if you don’t tax us into welfare. If you take money for a stated reason, use it for that reason. We have had the wheel tax since 2009. How is your road?