The Herald Bulletin

January 15, 2014

Letter: Let's welcome new ideas, and end the negativity

The Herald Bulletin

---- — This letter is in response to Frank Couch's recent letter titled "Lake not likely to bring jobs to city." What a sad commentary it is to hear someone complain about a fresh new concept that would bring young people and families back to our town. One only has to look at Cicero, Noblesville and Fishers to see the growth brought on to those communities as a direct result of the reservoirs.

The overall negativity in Mr. Couch's letter is something that I often hear, a sad omen for this or any other town. We need to quit blaming politics for past errors and welcome any and all new ideas to bring jobs back to our hometown. We need folks with new ideas. The old ones were great for awhile, but time has changed and so must we.

I recently heard a pastor from Noblesville tell someone from our church in Anderson that they baptize as many people every week as we bury over here.

When the young people come, to buy and build homes around our lake, new jobs will be created and our economy will recover naturally from the recession that we have recently experienced.

Don Marstall