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January 27, 2014

Scott Underwood: New look, features coming to THB Sunday newspaper

The Herald Bulletin

---- — You’ll notice a new Sunday format, beginning with the Feb. 2 newspaper.

We’ll expand the number of section fronts from four to six, adding to our past Sunday lineup (front section, Sports, Community and Homes) with section fronts focused on Business and Local & State news. Also, the Community section and features pages throughout the week will be re-titled “Life & Times” to better match our focus on interesting local people, trends, institutions and history.

We believe the change to six sections will lend better organization and display to our Sunday offerings, with an emphasis on prominent placement for local articles and photos.

We’ll add some new local content, as well, to the Sunday paper:

u Senior Reporter Ken de la Bastide, who covers city and county government, will write a weekly column to give readers insight into what is going on in local government and politics. Ken regularly wrote a similar column before he left The Herald Bulletin in the mid-2000s to work for the Kokomo Tribune.

u A group of local business people will write monthly Sunday columns to help readers address personal business concerns. New columns on funeral planning, real estate investment and legal advice are planned for this monthly rotation.

u Many Sundays, a second Commentary page for opinion essays, letters, cartoons and columns will be added.This “op-ed” page will sometimes be left out of the paper to create ample space for special Sunday news report packages.

Readers will note two other changes in Sunday’s paper:

u Newly designed section headers.

u New sky-box styles on the front page.

While these two changes are largely cosmetic, we hope they add to the professional look and overall visual quality of the newspaper.

I realize that many newspaper readers are creatures of habit who don’t take kindly to disruptions of their reading habits. So, I hope these changes are easy to adjust to and, ultimately, viewed as improvements.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing — and what we could do better!

u u u

With the Colts eliminated from the playoffs, many local football fans are rooting hard for ex-Colt Peyton Manning to win his second Super Bowl ring when his Denver Broncos play the Seattle Seahawks (6:25 p.m. kickoff, FOX) Sunday in the cold at East Rutherford, N.J.

While Manning would, no doubt, choose for the game to be played in better weather, the environment offers a chance to exorcise simultaneously three ghosts that have haunted his career: He hasn’t played well consistently in postseason games and in cold weather, and his single Super Bowl victory falls short of the standards set by great quarterbacks such as Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

If Manning paints one of his masterpieces Sunday and the Broncos emerge victorious, he can lay legitimate claim to the title Greatest Quarterback of All Time.

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