The Herald Bulletin

March 3, 2013

You Said It: About demolition decision, meth bust and stained glass

The Herald Bulletin

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Court denies request to throw out demolition decision in Pendleton, future of building still in limbo. (Article published Feb. 25)

Our historic high school was torn down in the 1970s and those who were not born then, ask why that great building is gone... Don’t let this happen to your historic high school...”

THB: Once  historical buildings are gone, they are gone and many can be re-purposed. On the other hand, what can be a very emotional issue has to be tempered with practicality.

Police: Two drug sellers, one buyer arrested in meth bust (Feb. 27)

THB: This drug is highly addictive, cheap and easy to make; bad combo. Kudos to the Drug Task Force who are getting these criminals and their “cooking” skills off the streets. However, for each one that is busted there are probably three more that begin operating. See something suspicious? Report it.

Anderson University  hosts series about Miller Chapel stained glass window. (Feb. 16)

THB: What a wonderful memory for your family.

The city of Alexandria is looking to eliminate abandoned buildings and has a private investor looking to build an indoor skate park. (March 1)

THB: With an investor with money in hand, the city should be able to make a deal.