The Herald Bulletin

March 13, 2013

Letter: The Rev. Ray Wright was an inspiration to all

— Last month, through The Herald Bulletin, we learned of the death of the Rev. Ray Wright. He was a great friend to thousands in Madison County and far beyond. He was all the things that were mentioned and much, much more. He was a true inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to cross his path.

How did he do it? Certainly not by being a “know it all,” or by long lectures or cajoling. Just being a friend was all it took.

When he had his Fish Market on 11th Street, we would sometimes go in for a sandwich, but really to just have a quick visit. Often, he came to our office just to “sit awhile.” On dark evenings, he kept his eyes on those getting older and our young ladies, to make sure they were safely in their cars.

All of Anderson learned from him, and I hope we will all try to be more like him.

Dick Davisson