The Herald Bulletin

March 18, 2013

Viewpoint: More gun control laws not the answer

By James W. Clark
Anderson resident

— You can pass a gun control law every day for the next five years and confiscate the guns from every law-abiding citizen at your peril. There will always be predators, well-armed criminals and sociopaths to prey on society. There will always be stupid parents who will allow guns to fall into the hands of children. These facts are well documented, yet there are self-serving politicians and their liberal allies who wish to disarm the population and trash the Second Amendment. Why do they wish to create an America without the means for its citizens to defend themselves or their loved ones against the threat of harm or tyranny?

The majority of law-abiding citizens do not trust the government to protect them and fear the government more than the criminal. History has taught us that governments, in their quest for absolute power, will go to great lengths to control the masses. In the last century alone, an excess of 150 million people were slaughtered by their own governments. History has also taught us that the same formula was used to destroy the greatest civilizations over the millenniums. Please note the formula for absolute control by a power-crazed oligarchy of powerbrokers.

No, my friends, more gun laws will not improve the diminished social conscience, poor parenting or the criminal justice system. I pray that our leaders have the wisdom and vision to distinguish the real core of the problem and not be blinded by the smoke screen that liberal gun control activists have thrown up to obscure 40 years of moral and social decline that is the root cause of the problem. Any politician, religious or academic leader who does not understand these facts are in the wrong job and must be history illiterate. I suggest that you review the demise of the greatest civilizations of record, Greece and Rome. More recently, France and Russia. It took only 10 years to destroy 400 years of French civilization. It may be well to remember the motto of the minutemen — “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”