The Herald Bulletin

August 19, 2013

Letter: What's going on, America?

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Meat prices are skyrocketing. In 2012, massive droughts led to the highest prices for corn and soybeans in history. Ranchers were forced to bring their cattle to market because they couldn't afford to feed them. With summer season here, the demand for beef has escalated while the cattle population has reached a 60-year low.

Ranchers blame the lack of feed for their cattle on the 2012 drought and on the federal mandates requiring 27 percent of the U.S. corn crop to be used to produce 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol, according to the National Corn Growers Association. We are literally throwing our food into our gas tanks. That said, there are "plenty of oil resources" available within our borders but our government has irresponsibly refused to pursue this avenue based on bogus globalist influences.In recent years foreign ownership of America's farmland has doubled. According to information from and other sources, foreign ownership is gobbling up U.S. farmland. USA Today recently reported "a Chinese company's planned $4.7 billion buy of Smithfield Foods, the nation's largest hog producer and processor ..."Further, there has been an increase in natural disasters. The annual number of natural disasters in the United States — earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes and more-has more than tripled since the 1980s and it continues to escalate.Let me be candid. As one proceeds into this decade, one better have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. People are going to need it more so than many realize at this time.

Michael ImhofAnderson