The Herald Bulletin

October 24, 2013

Letter: Reservoir would be harmful to city, state

The Herald Bulletin

---- — At a time when dams are being dismantled at an unprecedented rate in the U.S., a group of businessmen (who are apparently neither scientists nor engineers) have decided to dam the White River in Anderson.

The resulting ‘lake’ would displace over 400 homes and businesses and destroy seven miles of mature riparian ecosystem, including a fen and other diverse native plant ecosystems in Mounds State Park.

Dams are being dismantled because they are environmentally disruptive and economically untenable. Indiana has already been dubbed the "least green" state in the country, so resorting to a practice that has been established as an environmentally damaging one is not the greatest good for Anderson or Indiana.One of the things I find particularly appalling about this plan is the lack of community input. Saying that input will be sought in Phase II is disingenuous. The ideal for community planning is to include all stakeholders from the beginning (and since this project affects a state park, all Hoosiers are stakeholders).

As one of the stakeholders, I think it’s time for the Corporation for Economic Development and others to cut bait on this destructive project and turn their attentions to building on the improvements that have already occurred in Anderson, recognizing the value of the White River as a free flowing river, and making Anderson a model of sustainable practices — for the greater good of Anderson and Indiana.

Deborah S. FarrellNew Albany