The Herald Bulletin

December 20, 2012

Letter: Changing parties, but not views

— On Dec. 9, I made a decision on my political career that I think is the best for me and my family. On this date I am pulling away from the Republican Party due to personal reasons.

I have worked with the GOP for roughly 13 years and I feel that I have not been able to achieve what I am trying to do, so I am announcing that I will be joining the Democratic Party and working with them. I have been accepted by a lot of Democrats with open arms.

I have been looking at different races and where I might be able to do things with and how I could help. So I would like to announce my intent to run for Madison County Council District 3. I have researched a lot of things and have decided to run for this.

My political feelings are the same as before. We need to rebuild our country and make things safe for everyone. I will be the people’s candidate as before, working with the people and giving the people of District 3 a voice.

We will continue our work to bring new business here to Madison County and Anderson, and we will continue looking at ways to keep our citizens safe.

As a firefighter, my main concern will be public safety and keeping this in high priority.

Paul McClish