The Herald Bulletin

December 7, 2012

Editorial: Season of Giving gift fair can be family function

— A trend that’s gained a good amount of attention in the last decade is for families to give seasonal gifts to others in need. These gifts go beyond the writing of a check to a social service or faith-based agency.

The donations are presented in a way that families understand exactly how their money is being spent; perhaps it will help a food pantry or build a home for a struggling mother and child. More importantly, children learn the value of a hard-earned dollar and how to best spend that money in an unselfish manner.

The idea, of course, reinforces the concept that a seasonal gift is important but so is a donation at any time of the year — they could make a difference in someone’s life.

Today, the Season of Giving alternative gift fair will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mounds Mall in Anderson. Nearly 20 charitable and nonprofit groups will be on hand to accept your financial gift. Each is worthy of attention in this community. Each donation will be matched by Hoosier Park Racing & Casino.

Hoosier Park has previously matched up to $7,500; this year, organizers think that tally could leap to $24,000, depending on local donors.

Some organizations are struggling to meet the demands placed on them by the needs of the people they serve. Others need help with ongoing maintenance or with continuing arts programs or in providing books for children.

Each organization will have a booth with information detailing where donations will go.

It’s simple to donate. Find an organization you or your family wants to support. Go to a checkout, get a certificate and make the payment. It’s a one-stop shopping program.

It’s also a lesson in how to approach the holiday season with more in mind than presents under a tree.

This lesson in giving will certainly benefit local charities but it’s one that can profit anyone who gives.