The Herald Bulletin

October 9, 2011

Marriage licenses: Oct. 9

ANDERSON, Ind. — Marriage licenses issued

Aug. 16 through Sept. 15:

Jeffrey Keith Wilhoit, 25, Anderson, and Ashley Elizabeth Wyatt, 20, Middletown

Edmond Larry Detienne, 54, Anderson, and Suzanne Kay Goodman, 53, Anderson

David Lynn Henriott, 41, Anderson, and Ann M. Stegall, 42, Anderson

Wade Turner Jackson Jr., 22, Anderson, and Molly Louise-Nicole Porter, 21, Anderson

Brent A. Paul, 26, Pendleton, and Stephanie S. Herbert, 25, Pendleton

Scott W. Zion Jr., 27, Anderson, and Fawn E. Foster, 23, Anderson

Benjamin N. Smith, 27, Troy, Ohio, and Patricia L. Hoover, 26, Troy, Ohio

Joshua D. Dockrey, 24, Alexandria, and Vanessa M. St. John, 26, Alexandria

Adam Andrew Jarrett, 31, Anderson, and Kimberly Renee Brosher, 28, Anderson

Rolando Arteaga, 29, Anderson, and Tashia R. Cox, 31, Anderson

Michael M. Webb, 40, Anderson, and Rebecca J. Phipps, 39, Anderson

Joshua L. Hague, 25, Anderson, and Ariel Danielle Dietzen, 26, Anderson

Dean W. Worsley, 80, Elwood, and Molly Nichols, 62, South Whitley

Seth T. Smitherman, 26, Anderson, and Melissa D. Bradshaw, 27, Greenwood

Brian K. Keesling, 54, Pendleton, and Chiloe Renee Hexamer, 24, Muncie

Justin Reid Lewis, 34, Anderson, and Desiree Kay Cooper-Craig, 32, Anderson

Joshua David Brown, 20, Middletown, and Kendra E. Pardue, 21, Anderson

Robert L. Levell, 42, Middletown, and Carla Walters, 46, Anderson

Justin Shea Cruse, 24, Ingalls, and Natalie K. Wilson, 23, Ingalls

Sherman Edward Farris, 27, Anderson, and Jill Mendenhall, 27, Anderson

Brian James Walters, 45, Pendleton, and Terri Jo Hoffman, 43, Anderson

Paul R. Becker, 81, Anderson, and Kyna Roween Hammnond, 59, Anderson

Kenneth Allen Helton, 32, Anderson, and Kristina Lee Arrigoni, 36, Anderson

Derrek J. Conner, 22, Elwood, and Alexandra Malea Henson, 19, Elwood

Clifford Carson McCord, 62, Anderson, and Misty B. Merryman, 45, Anderson

Ramon Vuirquiz-Rodriquez, 21, Anderson, and Nikki D. Medina, 28, Anderson

James R. Hayes II, 45, Anderson, and Lisa G. Ratican, 44, Anderson

Herman Coleman Wyatt III, 31, Alexandria, and Rhonda Marie Blackburn, 28, Alexandria

Robert M. Smith, 54, Markleville, and Dianna Ladora Driver, 55, Markleivlle

Derek L. Pratt, 24, Alexandria, and Brittney N. Idlewine, 23, Alexandria

Chad K. Warren, 28, Elwood, and Amber Nicole Mountcastle, 27, Elwood

Jeffrey W. Burmeister, 49, Anderson, and Billie G. Haston, 48, Anderson

Joshua Reagan Castillo, 24, Kingsville, Texas, and Abigail Renee Utley, 24, Gilbert, Ariz.

Randall Gene McDole Sr., 55, Lapel, and Cynthia Louanne Murray, 53, Lapel

John Scott Killip, 61, Nicoma Park, Okla., and Belinda Gail Sheppard, 51, Anderson

Joshua David Basey, 20, Elwood, and Jocelyn Loree Bowyer, 18, Elwood

Harold J. Brailey, 63, Anderson, and Lori L. Riddle, 35, Middletown

 Matthew Garrett Ellingwood, 24, Anderson, and Crystal L. Call, 25, Alexandria

Brandon C. Clem, 38, Anderson, and Misty Blaylock, 41, Anderson

Darrin Wayne Key, 38, Indianapolis, and Alyssa E. Pattison, 29, Anderson

Kyle D. Griffith, 24, Ingalls, and Lezley Anne Keppler, 25, Ingalls

Matthew Alan Butcher, 36, Anderson, and Angela L. Fredericks, 37, Anderson

Jay D. Weston, 33, Anderson, and Dorian A. Syverson, 34, Chesterfield

Scott James Mercer, 20, Anderson, and Malia Rose Otto, 19, Anderson

James Kyle Harris, 26, Alexandria, and Kayla Leeann Blossom, 26, Alexandria

Michael Paul Carr, 32, Anderson, and Alisha Marie Ice, 36, Summitville

Kyle Lee Morse, 22, Fountaintown, and Desiree Brooks, 19, Alexandria

David A. Haulk, 42, Elwood, and Theresa Marie Huffman, 34, Elwood

Angel R. Ramirez, 38, Anderson, and Julie Nicole Zankl, 23, Anderson

Dylan Michael William Salyers, 22, Anderson, and Brittany Rachelle Cornett, 25, Anderson

Daniel J. Grollimund, 24, Pendleton, and Molly Jo Shirey, 21, Mooreland

Michael R. Judy, 37, Anderson, and Brittany V. Fink, 25, Anderosn

Tomas C. Robinette, 26, Pendleton, and Ashley Michael Weist, 24, Anderson

Scott A. Keesling, 43, Alexandria, and Andrea L. Lord, 48, Alexandria

Brandon James Karr, 19, Anderson, and Anna Mary Carrington, 21, New Zealand

Ronald Melvin Linville, 45, Selma, and Peggy Ann Lockridge, 40, Anderson

Jason M. Stark, 37, Anderson, and Michele R. Hooper, 35, Indianapolis

Joshua L. DeHart, 32, Alexandria, and Tonya R. Peters, 31, Alexandria

Brent Edward David, 31, Plainfield, and Melissa Ann Krieg, 35, Markleville

Jeffrey T. Upton, 43, Pendleton, and Heather F. Ridenour, 38, Pendleton

Jason A. Miller, 37, Tipton, and Britney P. Tincher, 32, Elwood

Darrell R. Shepherd, 50, Elwood, and Tamara S. Lennon, 45, Frankton

Christian M. Smith, 40, Anderson, and Deanna J. Brooks, 32, Anderson

Trevyn Eugene Wolf, 21, Quinter, Kan., and Lindsey Noelle Hollinger, 18, Anderson

Joshawa Robert Epperly, 34, Anderson, and Christie L. Williams, 41, Anderson

Ryan Joseph Lawson, 26, Alexandria, and Kendra LeAnn Harless, 26, Alexandria

Anthony L. Craig II, 25, Anderson, and Erin Lee Rodeman, 20, Anderson

Samuel J. Roberts, 46, Anderson, and Lisa A. Singleton, 46, Anderson

William M. Cockman, 45, Anderson, and Sherry A. Cockman, 47, Anderson

Ricky E. Jones, 25, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Maryann D. Moore, 28, Anderson

Christopher Neal Vandergrift, 27, Anderson, and Julie Erin Houser, 26, Anderson

Brandon Ray Upchurch, 28, Anderson, and Andrea Christine Majors, 22, Anderson

Justin Rex Rennaker, 23, Noblesville, and Lauren N. Moore, 22, Anderson

Jason A. Dietz, 35, Anderson, and Amber Diane Smitherman, 35, Anderson

Patrick A. Tarlton, 24, Anderson, and Lindsey A. Barkdull, 24, Pendleton

Matthew R. Schlabach, 38, Anderson, and Erica M. Tausch, 24, Westerville, Ohio

Christopher C. Husted, 28, Lapel, and Olivia M. Rhea, 27, Pendleton

Donald Brock McWilliams, 28, Frankton, and Jennifer D. Weaver, 30, Frankton

Brian Keith Shallenberger, 46, Elwood, and Deborah J. DePaolo, 48, Elwood

Anthony K. Costerison, 30, Pendleton, and Tara Gwyn Dulaney, 24, Indianapolis

Chad A. Reasoner, 36, Summitville, and Nicole M. Grassman, 37, Summitville

Aaron L. Krautter, 28, Rutland, Ohio, and Marcie J. Judt, 29, Anderson

Aaron M. Pruett, 28, Anderson, and Miranda May Holman, 19, Anderson

M. Benjamin Gosnell, 27, Alexandria, and Whitney Ann Faircloth, 25, Alexandria

Alejandro Melito Batana-Marin, 47, Indianapolis, and Amy M. Pena, 28, Anderson

Michael L. Westervelt, 58, Anderson, and Lora Dioquino Fernandez, 22, Philippines

Agustin Guerrero-Alvarado, 26, Anderson, and Socorro Torres-Perez, 34, Anderson

Harold Lee Nees, 53, Elwood, and Donnea L. Pratt, 48, Elwood

Tristan Ferguson, 24, Cicero, and Sara B. Ingle, 28, Lapel

Michael S. Fredericks, 27, Anderson, and Ashley Jo Fogt, 25, Anderson

Jon P. Plough, 42, Anderson, and April Love, 48, Indianapolis

Jarrod Andrew Kitchen, 20, Frankton, and Jessica Lynn Scotland, 23, Noblesville

Tony Reidel Shanks, 31, Anderson, and Rachel Ann Chambers, 30, Anderson

Jeremy W. Cheek, 35, Alexandria, and Kaylee J. Bricker, 26, Alexandria

Andrew Shane Ellingwood, 37, Anderson, and Whitney Nicole Parker, 26, Anderson