The Herald Bulletin

December 28, 2013

Back in the News: Dec. 29

Compiled by Elmore Hammes
For The Herald Bulletin

— The Herald Bulletin looks back at stories from the Anderson Daily Bulletin and The Anderson Herald newspapers.

10 Years Ago — 2003

Dec. 30 — When Kevin Smith took office as Anderson’s first Republican mayor in 16 years, his first priority was examining the city’s finances. “One of the first things we will do is a complete audit by department and general fund,” Smith said. “We have to establish where we are financially.” His first look was at the city’s agreement with troubled Fortune Management to revitalize downtown and also the long-term expense of separating storm and sanitary sewers.

Dec. 30 — As police filed murder and attempted murder charges against a second Anderson man in connection with a fatal shooting at Edgewood Plaza, a community activist awaits residents’ outrage. “It’s a tragedy that the event happened, and secondly, I’m a little disappointed that I have not heard voices of the leaders of the community condemning the violence,” said Adair Gibbs, a westside community leader. “As a community, we have to speak up against violence.” Adair, 69, encourages people to cooperate with police and provide any information on this killing and other incidents. He is saddened that people are not coming forward.

25 Years Ago — 1988

Dec. 29 — The Christian Center opened a women’s quarters at its facility. The center at 625 Main St., officially opened its arms to 12 women and children on an extended basis. For many years, the center has provided an apartment for women in short-term emergencies. “We’re going to take anybody who comes to us for help — just like we’ve always done,” said the Rev. Lloyd Lambert, director of the Christian Center. “What this is going to allow us to do is work with them on a longer term basis.”

Dec. 30 — Summitville Town Board has worked out an animal control agreement with Anderson’s animal shelter, pending Anderson City Council approval. The one-year contract will cost the town $1,600, said town board president Steve Clark. “Residents can call the Anderson Animal Shelter direct under the contract,” Clark said. The northwestern community of 1,250 residents has been plagued with stray dogs in recent months.

50 Years Ago — 1963

Dec. 29 — The recently approved compilation of all city ordinances ever enacted by any City Council is now ready for printing. The book will contain the complete revision, amendment and codification of all ordinances, and will consist of several hundred pages. The codification is the first that has ever been instituted of the laws passed by the many Anderson City Councils in the period of more than a century.

Dec. 31 — Residents near 38th Street and Columbus Ave. have started to complain about smoke from a still-smoldering brush fire in the area. The smoke is a product of a brush fire which started in a vacant lot about two months ago. They state that the smoke is like a fog, and it smells like peat moss or burning fuel. The area is one of the newly-annexed additions to the city, and the nearest fire hydrant is four blocks away.

100 Years Ago — 1913

Dec. 30 — Arthur Birge, of St. Louis, Mo., has been engaged to take the management of the Wright Shovel Company plant of the Ames Shovel & Tool Company in North Anderson, succeeding the late Henry Urban. The announcement was made by general manager C.H. Myers. Mr. Birge is a man of exceptional ability having been connected with the shovel business nearly all his life. His father was the founder of the St. Louis Shovel Company. Mr Birge is now in the city and will take charge of the plant immediately.

Dec. 30 — Fred Ellis pleaded guilty to the charge of intoxication in police court yesterday afternoon and was fined $1 and costs. Frank Heaton defaulted $11 cash bond on the charge of intoxication.