The Herald Bulletin

March 30, 2013

Back in the News: March 31

Compiled by Elmore Hammes
For The Herald Bulletin

— The Herald Bulletin looks back at stories from the Anderson Daily Bulletin and The Anderson Herald newspapers.

10 Years Ago — 2003

March 31 — One person after another walked up to the microphone. The crowd was silent as they approached. “My fiancé, to the best of my knowledge, is in Iraq. I haven’t heard from him in a week.” “My wife is stationed in Okinawa.” “My cousin will be deployed there next week.” More than 350 people braved the chilly temperatures Sunday afternoon to stand outside Anderson’s City Building in support for military troops involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom. “I have two sons over there,” Anderson resident Janine Compton said into the microphone. “One is in Iraq; the other is headed to Iraq from Germany in the next two weeks.” It was all she could do to compose herself. But the crowd cheered for her sons and she melted back in the sea of red, white and blue clothes the crowd wore.

March 31 — Meridian Street’s new look is almost complete and a section of the street is being reopened to vehicular traffic. Meridian Plaza from 11th to 12th streets was closed in March 2002 to realign the street, install a brick pavement, new sidewalks, landscaping and decorative lighting. Although the project was expected to be finished last October, several delays pushed back completion of the work. That section is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday.

25 Years Ago — 1988

March 31 — Mid-May is the projected construction date for Lynnwood Village, a $1.07-million federally subsidized housing complex on East Lynn Street. Project architect John Kane has broken the bid packages into seven categories, which should allow more participants, including small- and medium-sized contractors, Kane said. The complex will include six buildings with four units each. A community/office building and playground will also be included in the approximate 5.5 acre area.

March 31 — More than 1,000 exemplary students and alumni role models will march in Anderson Community Schools’ Hoosier Fest ’88 parade April 9. Up to 50 students in each of ACS’ 26 schools will be selected to participate alongside school banners, vehicles and bands. The idea of Hoosier Fest ’88 is “to celebrate wholesomeness in the school community,” said Dr. Anna Lackey, ACS gifted education coordinator.

50 Years Ago — 1963

March 30 — Twenty-nine Central Indiana high schools send several hundred students here today to participate in the 17th annual Model United Nations General Assembly at Anderson College. Scores of Anderson area students will represent many of the 110 nations. Joe Kilmer, president of the Anderson High School senior class, will serve as secretary-general for the program. Welcoming delegates to the city will be Judge Carl. T. Smith, Madison County Circuit Court.

March 31 — A major new recreation facility for the Anderson community will go into use next fall when an artificial ice rink is completed at the new May’s Park under sponsorship of Mounds Kiwanis Club of Anderson in cooperation with the city park department. Preliminary work on the skating rink site is already underway at the new park located on West Tenth Street at Madison Avenue. Initial equipment costing some $10,000 has been underwritten by the local services club. The rink is expected to be ready for use next November, and provide 7,500 square feet of skating ice.

100 Years Ago — 1913

March 29 — There was not a minute yesterday that a stream of sufferers from the flood were not going in and out of charity headquarters at 408 East Eighth Street, Park Place. All of the immediate needs of the sufferers were attended, and the books show that 119 families had been given food and bedding and 61 families clothing. A tired force of willing workers will return today to supply the families with coal, clothing and food.

March 30 — At the close of the third day’s canvas for cash contributions to the relief fund of flood sufferers in this vicinity, the total of 306 contributions was $5,099.52. It is expected that there will be many more cash contributions this week, and more will be needed, according to charity workers, for those in the flooded districts of White River and Green’s Branch. Nearly 250 families were helped by the charity workers from the Park Place relief station yesterday, and the supplies ran out. The need for children’s clothing and bedding is the greatest.