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August 31, 2013

Back in the News: Sept. 1

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Herald Bulletin looks back at stories from the Anderson Daily Bulletin and The Anderson Herald newspapers.

10 Years Ago – 2003

Sept. 2 – Approximately 23 Anderson roads and intersections were closed by heavy floodwaters. More homesand yards were flooded. When that happened, not only did emergency agencies come to the rescue, but friends, family and good Samaritans. Lois Richardson’s family arrived at her house at 821 Laurel Ave. Monday to salvage some of her belongings when her basement flooded nearly to its ceiling. The city placed roadblocks between the Eighth and Ninth street entrances to Laurel Avenue.

Sept. 4 – Anderson residents got their chance to speak about world issues for national television. Gathering in front of the Paramount Theatre, residents and city firefighters crowded around to participate in a documentary called “Main Street, USA.” Working within the framework of the second anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the show captures everyday Americans’ views of the attacks, war and how their community can improve. The show’s producer, Matt O’Neill, said Anderson was one city out of a dozen located east of the Mississippi River that the crew visited on its whistle stop tour to film the show.

25 Years Ago – 1988

Sept. 1 – Moving into a newly renovated office building will make the Anderson Housing Authority’s Christmas complete. “I’m very optimistic that maybe by Christmas we’ll be moving in,” Shirley Weatherly, director of the housing authority, said during the agency’s meeting Wednesday. The authority is purchasing for $110,000 the former Anderson Community Schools food services building at 528 W. 11th St.

Sept. 2 – Two modern signs replaced the 27-year-old original at the downtown McDonald’s restaurant, ending an era in the store’s history. “A few people came into our store and couldn’t believe we were getting rid of the old sign,” said Kelly Cochran, store manager. Owner/operator Robert Terhune said maintenance on the sign was becoming a problem, and “it no longer served the kind of image that McDonald’s wants to portray.”

50 Years Ago – 1963

Sept. 5 – An extensive remodeling program which began two years ago was recently completed at the Banner Store. “Notable changes were made on all four floors,” said J.L. Rossin, manager. Many new departments and merchandise have been added, Mr. Rossin stated, adding “While the new Banner store looks little like the store that first opened its doors for business 44 years ago, it pledges continued integrity in merchandising policies.”

Sept. 6 – More than 7,000 fans, largest crowd in the 49-year history of football in the city, are expected tonight at South Anderson Field to see the 5th renewal of a short but intense rivalry between Anderson’s Indians and Madison Heights’ Pirates. Anderson athletic officials are preparing for a record turnout, having added several hundred bleacher seats.

100 Years Ago – 1913

Sept. 5 – Sheriff Black was called three miles east of Anderson last night where a woman was said to be wandering. Mrs. Mary Anthony, 60, of the 2600 block of Main Street, was found by the officers and returned to her home. Mrs. Anthony had lost her way.

Sept. 5 – Edward Wogerman, 21, 2400 block of Brown Street, and Horace McCurdy, 17, 2400 block of Jackson Street, were arrested last night by Big Four Detective Larimore and Patrolman Veach, charged with petty larceny. The boys, it is alleged, broke into cars on the Big Four and stole watermelons, fruits, and other articles.

– Compiled by Elmore Hammes for The Herald Bulletin