The Herald Bulletin

March 2, 2013

Maleah Stringer: Cats found in sauna-like conditions now have homes

By Maleah Stringer
For The Herald Bulletin

— Remember how hot it was this past summer? Imagine being in a chain link kennel covered by a tarp; top and all sides.

There was no air flow. It was like a sauna — it felt like it was at least 20 degrees hotter than the 90 plus degrees it was out in the sun. Animals lived in this tarp-covered kennel year-round. There were nine cages of various sizes in this sauna, all containing a cat.

In many of the cages there was no water. All the cats were very still ... panting. Some were in cages so small that when they went to the litter box they could not fully stand up. Nine pairs of begging eyes watched us. Some could not be touched.

The people who had these cats believed they were doing a good thing. We took the cats. Volunteers worked with these beautiful, terrified cats and taught them to trust. It took months. These sweet cats — Haley, Cassiopia, Eartha, Saturn, and Neptune — have finally found their forever homes.

Gypsy, the blue and white Pit Bull — who it took a half an hour for staff to coax into the shelter after she tried to chase her owner’s car — has found her forever home with a great guy right here in town. Gypsy had Facebook fans from all over the world with over 11,000 shares. The last report was that she was lounging on the couch eating treats.

Tatu, a Mastiff mix is dancing and wagging again. Her foster parents have fallen in love and Tatu gets a “happy ever after.” They officially adopted her Friday.

We were so worried about Tatu; she was not doing well in the shelter after her owners brought her to us; they were moving. She stopped eating. Wagging became non-responsive and she started to become aggressive. It just took getting her out of the shelter environment and into a loving home for her to become her wonderful joyful self again.

And who could forget the 23 roosters and hens who were brought to us by the Anderson Police Department; possibly the victims of cock fighting. It’s still hard to believe but we found homes for all 23 in just over a week. We do miss the eggs but not the cock-a-doodle-dos that went on non-stop.

Cassidy, long time Fido dog was adopted Thursday. Her high energy was a problem for most people who had expressed an interest in this beautiful dog. She loves to run and play Frisbee. A lot.

Her new family has three teenagers and two parents. During the adoption the kids were planning Cassidy’s exercise schedule and couldn’t wait to get started. Her inmate handlers were sad to see her leave, but happy that she found such a great home. The family reported that she has already gone through three Frisbees. And they don’t care.

Shelter animals suffer every day in animal shelters where they find themselves through no fault of their own. They desperately need homes. Please, if you are able, please consider adopting a shelter animal.

Maleah Stringer is executive director of the Animal Protection League, 613 Dewey St., Anderson. She can be reached at 356-0900 or at