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January 18, 2014

Back in the News: Jan. 19

The Herald Bulletin

---- — 10 Years Ago – 2004

January 22 — Hispanic children’s art on display at the Anderson Fine Arts Center might build bridges or at least educate some visitors about different cultures. Artwork of 13 Hispanic children taking English as a Second Language classes at Anderson elementary schools is being displayed. “Our purpose was to let our Hispanic children show how they celebrate the holiday,” said Becky Gomez, assistant principal at Robinson Elementary. “The exhibit allows them to express pride in their heritage.”

January 22 — The Madison County Community Corrections advisory board voted Wednesday to close the women’s section of the work release program. The women’s program, which has 18 beds but currently only has six offenders, was never at full capacity. It was unable to cover its costs, said William Riffe, president of the board. The Community Justice Center is suffering a yearly loss of $59,280 in the women’s section.

25 Years Ago – 1989

January 20 — Two outstanding high school seniors are having the time of their lives during the presidential inauguration festivities in Washington, D.C. Robert Nicholson, 18, of Highland High School, and Patrick Reis, 17, of Madison Heights High School, will attend today’s swearing in ceremony of George Bush as 41st President of the United States on the west front of the U.S. Capitol. Nicholson and Reis have been in Washington with 500 other outstanding students from across the country as part of the 1989 Youth Inaugural Conference.

January 22 — On Jan. 11, a multi-agency police task force began keeping a careful eye on Anderson resident Rual S. Hogue. Six Anderson detectives had already begun watching his house a week earlier. Hogue, the suspected “cat burglar” in a two-year statewide investigation, didn’t make a wrong move until Jan. 16. Police were waiting. They arrested him in Greenfield, alleging he broke into a home and stole $70 cash and a new set of bath towels. Police believe he may be responsible for as many as 250 “cat burglar” type break-ins, from Fort Wayne to Evansville.

50 Years Ago – 1964

January 19 — More than 200 “husky” Boy Scouts and 27 sledge teams will mush the snow-laden course at Shadyside Park this afternoon when the starting gun begins the Big Killibuck District’s Klondike Derby. The hand-made sledges carrying a Scout will be powered around the intricate course by teams of six to eight Scouts. Hugh Shreves, District Activities Chairman, reported that the course will require close to two hours for each team to complete.

January 20 — Anderson placed first in its class among cities in Indiana for its 1963 Fire Prevention program, according to an announcement sent to the city this week. Citing the city for outstanding work in the field of fire prevention was the National Fire Protection Association, an international organization whose objective is to advance the protection of lives and property from fire by science and education. It is the first time Anderson has received the first place award from the association.

100 Years Ago – 1914

January 21 — An argument as to the lights that should be burning when an automobile is standing caused a search through the acts of 1913 at police headquarters last night and a call for the city attorney. The acts show that an automobile left standing should have a tail light and one front light burning, from one-half hour after sun down until one-half hour before sun up. Police state that arrests will be made if the practice of standing automobiles without burning lights continues.

January 22 — After hearing the testimony of Miss Mary Ham and Miss Elsie Poor in police court yesterday, frequenters of public dance halls, who revealed conditions in these dances, Mayor Mellett ordered Chief of Police Mountain to see that all public dances are stopped. The chief will keep a close watch on halls where public dances have been held. The testimony was given in the trial of Lester Shinkle, accused of giving Miss Ham, age 15, whiskey at the Armory Hall during a public dance.

— Compiled by Elmore Hammes for The Herald Bulletin