The Herald Bulletin

December 3, 2013

Smith, mayors oppose marriage ban

By Zach Osowski
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — A group of Indiana mayors, including Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith, came out against an amendment attempting to make same-sex marriage constitutionally illegal.

The names of 11 mayors, six Democrats and five Republicans, were released Tuesday by Freedom Indiana, a coalition of businesses and individuals opposing the constitutional amendment.

All the mayors released a statement on the coalition’s website explaining why they were against the resolution. Most of them said the resolution went against their city’s efforts to attract the best businesses and employees.

“In Anderson, our focus is to create an environment attractive to business – one where those businesses can grow,” Smith’s statement read. “We actively work to recruit businesses to our city not just locally or nationally but globally. HJR-6 (House Joint Resolution) harms those efforts. It is important that Indiana remain a welcoming community focused on those things that can grow our economy.”

The 10 mayors with Smith are: Greg Ballard, Indianapolis; Jim Brainard, Carmel; Tom Henry, Fort Wayne; Pete Buttigieg, South Bend; Jon Costas, Valparaiso; Thomas McDermott, Hammond; Mark Kruzan, Bloomington; John Dennis, West Lafayette; Greg Goodnight, Kokomo, and Richard Hickman, Angola.

That represents six of the 10 most populous cities in the state.

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