The Herald Bulletin

March 14, 2014

Street department to bid on demolition work

Chaplains' fund established by council

By Ken de la Bastide
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — The Anderson Street Department has been given the green light to bid on demolition projects being funded through two other city departments.

The Anderson City Council on Thursday approved a resolution for the creation of a non-reverting fund for the street department to be able to pay for demolition work.

The resolution allows the Street Department to bid on demolition work being funded through the Anderson Municipal Development and Community Development departments.

The Street Department is expected to bid on the demolition of three former commercial properties along Nichol Avenue, west of Raible Avenue. The demolition will involve the former Taco Bell and Hardee’s locations and a now closed dry cleaning business.

Brad Lamb, superintendent of the Street Department, said the department is not allowed to use Motor Vehicle Highway funds to pay employees or for equipment to perform demolition work.

Lamb said the demolition projects will provide the Street Department with additional funding in the future.

The resolution states expenditures from the fund can be made without city council approval.

Councilman David Eicks requested the council be given the opportunity to review the expenditures, something agreed to by Anderson City Controller Jason Fenwick.

Chaplaincy fund

Council members voted to approve the creation of a non-reverting fund for the Anderson Police Department Chaplaincy program.

APD Chief Larry Crenshaw said the fund would provide a mechanism to pay for the training, education and supplies for the chaplains.

There are five volunteer chaplains that have been paying for their training, attending regional and national conferences and supplies.

It was estimated the five chaplains will spend $19,000 in 2014.

The fund is being created to accept donations and contributions from the public.

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