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November 1, 2013

God help

Anderson author and speaker offers practical tools for Christian walk

By Nancy R. Elliott
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — It seems like we’re all looking for answers, all the time. For many, there’s nothing they’d love better than to get a clue straight from God. Anderson resident Lora A. York has written a book to help people do just that.

“God can talk to everybody,” said York. “People can learn how to hear from him themselves.”

York, 36, self-published “God Help! Practical tools to help you navigate your Christian walk” this summer. Each chapter takes a look in a very down-to-earth way at specific topics relevant for a close relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. York looks at solving problems and tapping into one's gifts. She draws on her personal experiences to provide relatable examples.

“I want to help people find their niche," said York. "I want people to find an avenue to make them happy, the thing God wants them to do — and to hear from him themselves.”

Throughout the book, the author provides plenty of references from scripture, including the entire text of quotes for ease of use.

At the end of each chapter, York includes prayers that address each member of the Holy Trinity. She also provides suggested study group questions.

“It’s been really positive feedback,” said York. “A lot of people have said they really loved the prayers.”

York’s style is direct and understandable. With a 1999 bachelor’s degree from Ball State University in creative writing, York has her subject well in hand with short, readable chapters. At 167 pages, with easy-to-read type, the book is an engaging and encouraging read for persons looking for help from God in the issues of day-to-day living.

Raised in an environment of faith and leadership, York received Jesus as her savior at age 10. Her dad, Garry Reff, at age 54 became an ordained Methodist minister. Her mom, Ella, served as district president for United Methodist Women.

York describes herself as a third-generation seer.

“Seers actually see into the spirit world,” said York. “I didn’t really know who or what I was until I started researching it.” York said she’s had such glimpses into the realm of spirits since she was in high school. She said that seeing sometimes also comes in the form of vivid, symbolic dreams.

The faith-filled environment in which she was raised and lived as an adult took a little derailment a few years back. York describes in her book how she drifted, caught up in the rat race, leaving little time for God. The resulting dissatisfaction in her life eventually drew her back, and she put her hope once again in God.

A real turning point came for York when she attended a conference in October 2011. She traveled to Jacksonville, Fla., to be part of Kat Kerr’s “Revealing Heaven” conference.

“It was an amazing weekend,” said York. It was a weekend that saw her go from an all-time low place in her life to launching a new, exciting path. In her book, York describes receiving the baptism of fire.

It is in the wake of that experience that York was empowered to tap into her own gift of writing, and it was not long before “God Help” was written and published.

Although York has a second “God Help” book in mind, she has lately turned her attention to a somewhat different writing endeavor. This time, she’s working with an illustrator to develop a comic book exploring “Light versus the darkness.” Expect demons, angels, a villain and a hero named Zap!Bam!

York is an Indiana native, who attended Yorktown High. After earning her creative writing degree at BSU, she went back and picked up a second bachelor’s degree, this time in medical technology. She is currently employed full-time in a medical laboratory in Indianapolis. York resides with her husband, Larry, in Anderson.

The author is available to speak on topics related to her new book. “God Help!” is available in paperback or as an e-book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks. For more information, email, call 317-498-4069 or check the author’s website at

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