The Herald Bulletin

November 22, 2013

Verna Davis: Hold onto Jesus in this storm we call life

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Some days I find a column idea that is running through my brain, fully formed with words just itching to appear on my computer screen. Some days I search for a column idea and find my brain is empty and no words appear on my computer screen no matter how much I cry and whine about it. Then, some days, someone will say something, and some idea will explode in my heart and I can't eat or sleep or do anything until that certain something becomes a column. That's what happened this morning.

Before our Tuesday morning Bible study, one little (really, she's pretty short) lady said, "I have something I've got to say." I'm going to try to do my best to spend the rest of this column telling you, in her own words, what my friend June Hight had to say. (If you run into June, you will recognize her right away. She'll be the shortest one in the room, but she'll have the biggest smile!)

"I have something to say, girls. Did you notice how stormy it was Sunday? The wind was blowing so hard it blew all the leaves off the trees. However, I did notice there were three trees in my neighbor's yard that still had leaves on them. Even with all the wind, and even though every other tree in my neighbor's yard was stripped to the branches, those three trees were full of dark red, almost purple leaves still clinging to the branches.

"Then, when I got to town, I noticed there was another tree just like the ones in my neighbor's yard. It was also full of leaves. I can't imagine how those leaves were able to stay attached to those trees what with all the wind we had.

"But those few trees with all their leaves still attached made me think of something. Christians are like those leaves. We are tossed about by the winds and storms of life. All kinds of things blow our way: sickness, death, money problems, family problems, and all kinds of evil. We are tossed about by the winds that bring us so much grief. But, we are different from the world because all that blows our way can't remove us from the tree,The Tree of Life. We hold on to Jesus who is our Branch, our Guide, our Savior. Because of His love and protection, we can still cling to the tree. When others have lost their faith, we can still cling. When things around us are ugly, we can be beautiful. With Jesus, we are like those leaves: We will not be moved."

Those of us around that table were blessed by June's words. Thank you, June, for reminding us that we have a shelter in the time of storm, an anchor to hold us steady in the stormy seas, a branch that keeps us attached to the tree. Thanks, June, for "writing" my column this week. I know you'll inspire me again, for you always do, little lady!

"They are like a tree planted by streams of water whose leaf does not wither" (Psalm 1:3).

Verna Davis, author and speaker, lives in Frankton. She can be reached at