The Herald Bulletin

March 10, 2010

ACS board terminates temporary teacher

By Dave Stafford, Herald Bulletin Staff Writer

ANDERSON­ — A 10th Street Elementary School teacher was fired Tuesday after a panel of Anderson Community Schools board members were briefed about performance complaints against her.

Lisa Wills was terminated on a 4-0 vote by board members who heard the complaint against her — Tobi Jones, Tim Long, P.T. Morgan and William Riffe. The members did not disclose the nature of the complaint against Wills, who was employed on a temporary contract.

ACS Personnel Director Beth Clark said she could not disclose the nature of the complaint because it was a personnel matter, but she noted that the termination was a result of the peer assistance and review teacher evaluation process that the school system has implemented.

Clark said the board will make findings of fact regarding Wills’ termination at the next meeting.

“There was nothing under consideration that would cause us to be fearful of the safety of children,” Clark said.

Anderson Federation of Teachers President Rick Muir said he could not provide specific details about the complaint, but said that he was aware of the matter that had been brought before the board.

“It was a result of her teacher evaluation procedures,” Muir said.

Wills previously had been employed as a classroom assistant and a temporary first-grade teacher at Erskine Elementary School.

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