The Herald Bulletin

July 22, 2010

Livestock sale a farewell for many 4-H’ers

For 10-year members, auction represents start of fair memories

By Dave Stafford
The Herald Bulletin

ALEXANDRIA, Ind. — Whitney and Wade Hendricks of Elwood have plenty in common. They’re twins, they’re 10-year 4-H members, and they have a knack for saying the same thing at the same time.

“Good,” Whitney said as Wade said, “We did really good.”

They were talking about the $1,215 that Wade earned for his Madison County 4-H Fair reserve champion goat, and the matching amount Whitney received for her grand champion at Thursday’s livestock auction.

But they might as well have been talking about the experiences of 29 4-H’ers who, like them, are distinguished this year as 10-year members. They started as elementary students, and after the summer they’ll be going to college or pursuing careers. Their 4-H days will be over.

Whitney and Wade said the auction money they earned will help pay for them to go to college. At Iowa State. To study biology. Both of them.

Last year’s 4-H Fair queen and 10-year member Olivia Kitts of Elwood said the $1,625 she earned at auction for her lamb will help her study at Taylor University.

This wasn’t her best year, Kitts said, but “I’ve had a very successful 10 years, and it’s not just about winning or losing.

“I’ve had better years,” she said, “but all the years have been good. I’ve made lots of friends and 4-H has taught me lots of lessons.”

Lauren Miller, another 10-year 4-H member, waited Thursday evening to show her reserve champion steer in the sale ring. She hoped that it would bring upwards of $8,000 in the sale.

“All the proceeds that I make tonight are going to go back to the 4-H Association,” she said. “For all that 4-H has given me over the years, I wanted to give something back.” Miller also had a lamb in the auction.

“Every year we have one or two who want to do that,” Madison County Extension Educator John Orick said during the sale. He said that it was anticipated that the sale of rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep and cattle on Thursday would raise about $130,000 to $140,000 for 4-H’ers.

Complete sale results are expected to be available today, fair officials said.

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