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August 15, 2013

Rick Bramwell: Squirrel season brings back memories


Sunday night I arrived home from working the Indiana State Fair. I have to wear beige colored pants and an orange fair shirt. I emptied my pockets and took a shower.

“Better wash these tonight,” I thought.

Tossed the three outfits in the washer and retired. The next morning they would go in the dryer.

When I got ready to go deposit the check, I could not find my billfold. I looked everywhere. Finally, I checked the shorts I had worn the day before, now all clean and dry. My billfold was still in the back pocket, everything soggy. I laid the contents out to dry including the $500 check that I would not be depositing this day.

Tuesday, I forgot the check and Tuesday night I received a call from the sender. She wanted to know if I had cashed it.

A thousand miles away, a mutual friend was in great need. I agreed to not cash the check. This will be an investment in a young person’s future, and it did not come from me.

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