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February 5, 2014

Rick Bramwell: Hunting still provides a great escape


My next hunt was Monday with Dave Schlabach and Brittany Contreraz. Walking was not a problem, but hitting the target was. Fourteen-year-old Brittany has been learning to shoot, and this would be her first opportunity to harvest game.

This one rabbit must have been wearing body armor. Daisy kept running it around, and we kept missing.

"Those rabbits are really fast," proclaimed Brittany.

I pulled out an old saying that a young person would not understand.

I said, "I couldn't hit a bull in the (rump) with a base fiddle."

When we walked up to Dave, he said, "Bramwell. You couldn't hit a bull in the posterior (or something similar) with a base fiddle."

Brittany smiled and must have thought, "These old fellows are way beyond my understanding."

Brittany's mother had given me permission to take her hunting even though Brit was in a little hot water. I told her, as punishment, I was instructed to throw her in the briar patch and kick snow in her face. Later I said, "It is time to go home and face the music."

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