The Herald Bulletin

March 9, 2014

Home-court win in blowout fashion

By Travis Whitton
For the Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON – The Anderson Legends semi-pro basketball players have been classy assassins, and Sunday afternoon was no different as they shot through the Pittsburgh Bullets defense on the way to a 164-90 win at Anderson High School.

After being tied at 8 with 9:45 to play in the first quarter, the Legends went on an 83-40 run to grab a 91-48 at the half. They outscored Pittsburgh 73-42 in the second half and walked away with the 74-point blowout win.

Legends coach Kojak Fuller said that his guys played with a little more passion than normal because people and players in the Bullets organization were bad-mouthing Indiana and its basketball traditions.

“It’s almost like they never heard of Indiana or anything good coming from Indiana, especially basketball, and so we wanted to definitely show them that this is the mecca of basketball here in the United States,” said Fuller. “The guys came out, and they played hard.”

One of the reasons the Anderson team was brought to town was to energize the community, and they feel like that is happening based on the amount of people coming out to watch.

“What’s so special is that we have the community coming out, and it’s almost like the blood is pumping again when it comes to basketball here in the community,” said the Legends coach. “Our community loves sports and particularly basketball, and for them to come out on a Sunday and really show their support is saying a lot.”

Jeremy Dupree and Marquez Morse propelled the Legends in the first half with 19 points apiece, but Brandon Evans put on a show by scoring 19 points in the second half for game-high honors of 34 points and tied for team-high with 10 rebounds.

“Mr. Evans, I like Mr. Evans. I like his attitude, because he’s still at a stage where he’s still saying, ‘I want to learn,’” said Fuller. “I want to learn more, so he’s trying to get better. Even though he may be the oldest out here, in his mindset he’s still teachable. When you have a guy that can still be taught but also have the passion and the effort to go along with it, there’s no limit.”

Evans said that he didn’t necessarily do anything special in Sunday’s game other than he played with heart and passion, but scoring the basketball is the easy part of the game. His main focus is on winning every game and not statistical categories.

“That’s easy, that’s easy right there. I do that with ease,” Evans said of his 34-point performance. “I’m just looking for this win. Really, points are nothing to me. I just want to win. I’m a team player, and I’m happy if my team is happy.”

Dupree was the second leading scorer behind Evans with 26 points and tied for the lead with 10 rebounds. They were followed in the Legends scoring column by Dejovaun Sawyer-Davis and Morse with 24 and 22 points, respectively.

Marcus Robinson led the Bullets with 28 points while Sean Watkins had 27 points and 25 rebounds on the day.