The Herald Bulletin

September 26, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Inspiration, excitement abound

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

---- — I don’t know much about yachting. There. I’ve got that out there right away.

I don’t follow it and don’t even understand how it works. But I’ve always loved racing of nearly any kind, cars, boats, dogs and even people.

Yet the tale of Team Oracle and the miraculous comeback in the America’s Cup has been captivating. This could be the come-from-behind to beat all comebacks in any sport.

The U.S. boat needed to win the final eight consecutive races to claim the coveted Cup. That hole was as deep as it was because of a penalty the team incurred, which made it win two more races than the Kiwis to triumph.

Can you imagine that happening in baseball? Suppose a team had a player fail a drug test of a player was found to be using a corked bat. So the MLB Commissioner rules that the team would need to win five games in a best-of-seven instead of four to be World Series champs. Think that will ever happen?

So before I move on to other topics, a hearty congratulations to the United States crew for a stirring victory.

Speaking of baseball, the current playoff system might still have some of the traditionalists grumbling about the number of teams that will make the post-season, but there can be no disputing that the final week of the regular season is more thrilling because of it.

Going into the final seven days, most of the division titles were secured, but the wild card spots are anything but settled. Each day it seems that not only one team comes closer to elimination, but also one more still has reason to hope.

Despite being a huge L.A. Dodgers fan, I find myself also drawn to the tale of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Over the past several years I have watched many of the current stars of the Bucs become stars for the Indianapolis Indians before getting the call to help the parent club. Since I had rooted for those players in Indy, it only seems natural to pull for them again in Pittsburgh.

All bets will be off if they are paired against the Dodgers, but for now, I am on their side, even at the risk of alienating many friends who are fans of that other team there in Cincinnati.

Finally there is the signing of Paul George by the Indiana Pacers.

That was indeed welcome news. George is already one of the top 20 players in the league and I believe more improvement is on the horizon. He is capable of being one of the top 10 in the league and being voted a starter in the NBA All-Star Game.

He is worth every cent they are paying him. I can’t wait for training camp and then the season to begin.

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