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April 14, 2014

Familiar trio leads boys track teams

By Jason Haddix
For The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — Much like in years past, Anderson, Lapel and Pendleton Heights have assembled the largest number of track athletes of the area’s 11 high schools. And, while the remaining teams may struggle to compete from a team standpoint, they will send capable athletes to the line to challenge in individual events.

The common theme expressed by the area coaches was working towards lower running times along with higher throwing and jumping distances from the younger athletes as the season progresses.

The following is a look at area boys tracks teams in advance of Friday's Madison County championships:


Coach: Scott Zent

Letterwinners lost: Cory Allen, Blake Cain, Devin McBride, Craig Doty, Shelby Wallace, Cole Clossure, Matt Doty, Evan Hodges, Derrick Jones, Hunter Montgomery, Jake Thurston, Isaac Walker, Joshua Deutsch, Anthony Thomas

Letterwinners returning: Halen Pruden

Newcomers: Bryan Carter, Chris Condon, Derrick Cook, Noah Cothrum, Daniel Cunningham, Dylan Dowling, Averill Everett, Matt Klenke, Sean Kilgore, Justin Moore, Ellis Munge, Nico Tangermann, Austin Bailey, Christian Brown, Tyler Hoskins, Dylan McClain, Leyton Peavler, Jacob Phelps

Coach’s outlook: “I think we are going to see some improvement over last year in some areas, but we are going to have some issues with experience this year. We have no seniors on our team. We are going to see a lot of (personal records) as the kids grow in the sports. It is going to be an interesting season as these young kids grow into leadership roles and grow as individuals and as athletes.”


Coach: Cary House

Letterwinners lost: Jalen Beard, Jaylen Pierce, Dorian Wilson, Coby Dugger, Austin Banister, Matt Harter

Letterwinners returning: Nakosh Chamberlain, Samaj White, Alonzo West, Khalil Williams, Bryant White, Zach Abbott, Jason Kabir, Patrick Cole

Newcomers: Zach Owens, Thomas Wells, Ben Gray, Terrell Tilford, Aubrey Patterson

Coach’s outlook: “I am really optimistic about this year. I have about 50 really talented athletes on the team and every time we practice, every time we have a meet we find a new area that somebody excels in. I think I have one returning upperclassman that scored from last year’s sectional championship team so we graduated an incredible group of seniors. This year most of our points are going to be scored by freshmen and sophomores."

Anderson Prep

Coach: Ryan Fathauer

Letterwinners lost: Tyler Smith-Johnson, Tony Gillispie, Jordan Wilkens, Devon Johnson

Letterwinners returning: D’andre Patterson, Tyler Barnes, Terrell Barnes, Denzel Lewis, Robert Glazebrooks, Leo Harris, D’eric Whitt

Newcomers: Jaime Rodriguez, Dey McIntosh, Walter Vclez

Coach’s outlook: “Last year we were 16-5 and we lost a majority of our scoring, but we had a lot of kids that were young that we expect to step up. I think we can be, record-wise, pretty good. In running events … we can compete in every event.”


Coach: David Beard

Letterwinners lost: Dalen Beck and Tyler Hensley

Letterwinners returning: Austin Craig, Robert Cronk, Hunter Lewis, Tristen Mier, Jonathan Drown, Jon Myers, Garrett Craig, Josh Irelan, Sam Miller, Josh Watters

Newcomers: Damon Wilson, Nick Polus, Kyle Eber, Jake Bargo, Conner Wilhelm, Mark Simmons, Kyle Dickey, Hayden Fleming, Andrew Ingenito

Coach’s outlook: “I have some really good athletes. I am hoping to be competitive in all of our meets. I expect that many of our athletes will get personal bests this season.”


Coach: Andre’ Lo

Letterwinners lost: Bobby Brown, Aaron Cawthorn, Jorge Villegas

Letterwinners returning: Trent McFerran

Newcomers: Dallas Blevins, Rickie Hollenback, Isaiah Delph, Camden Nunley, Thomas Willemsen, Nate Hunnicutt, Keegan Planalp, Tre King

Coach’s outlook: “Our boys are very young so the main thing we are looking for in our boys is improvement during the course of the season. What we are expecting to see is more improvement than anybody else with teams that have more upperclassmen. Which means early on in the season we won’t be as successful as we have been in the past, but hopefully build a solid base for the future and hopefully build some confidence this year.”


Coach: Chris Blessing

Letterwinners lost: Preston Norrick

Letterwinners returning: Dalton Busch, Bailey Partington, Evan Rolston, Danny George, Jordan Clouse, Noah Hendershot, Ross Steele, Joe Hart, Sean Thompson

Newcomers: Logan Bradley, Hunter Loller, Braxton Kemerly, Brady Miller, Cameron Bowen, Jon Ross Richardson

Coach’s outlook: “We only lost one senior (from last season’s team), we have everybody else back and four freshmen who will contribute. We are looking for a pretty good season. I think we will be better than last season. We took two relay teams and six individuals to the regional, and they were all underclassmen and all are back.”

Liberty Christian (Co-ed)

Coach: Sam Watkins

Letter winners lost: Austin Castor, Leila Deeds

Letterwinners returning: Da'Marcus Watkins, DeShawn Gibbs, Shaylie Rayl, Michaela McCurdy, Taylor Binkard, Walt Weaver, Franklin Nunn, Quincey Hyatt, Hillary Foreman, Katy Hagerman

Newcomers: Monica Watkins, Ronnie Williams, Dawson Ayers

Coach’s outlook: “I think we will do well. Against bigger schools we will probably do good individually, but it will be hard for us as a team to win the meet. Against smaller schools I think we have a good shot at winning some meets this year. We got a couple of freshmen coming in this year that were running great times as eighth-graders. The ones that we have that lettered last year, I think the biggest part is they will be able to mentor the freshmen.”


Coach: Jacob Vore

Letterwinners lost: Paul McGuire

Letterwinners returning: Aaron Patton, Matt Pattison, Reid Edleman, Bridger Price, Cody Wampner, Brody Eads, Hunter Hiatt, Chase Bramel, Bryce Stansberry, Mason Webb, Cole Sloderbeck

Newcomers: Luke Stroup, Wesley Hull, Andrew Castillo, Jacob Lutterman, Wyatt Meisner

Coach’s outlook: “We are young and going to focus on improvement. We are going to get better everyday. We had 12 on the team last year for a full season, to this year we have 25 currently. That has really helped us out. We have a bunch of raw talent with mounds of potential. They don’t have a clue what they are capable of.”

Pendleton Heights

Coach: Ryan Potter

Letterwinners lost: Sean Brady, Skyler Prol, Brandon Smith, John Furrow

Letterwinners returning: Mark McCallister, Eli Young, Zach Taylor,

Newcomers: Chandler Wilson, Ashton Wilson, Spencer McKenney, Chris Clemmons, Parker Jones, Storm Bingham, Dawson Farrer, Payton Huth

Coach’s outlook: “We are really optimistic for how the season looks right now. We have so much more depth than we have had in the past five years. Our young kids are very talented, but they are still raw so there are a lot of question marks on how good they are going to be. This year we don’t have a stud that is way out there. We just have a really strong all-around team with a lot of really hard-working kids.”


Coach: Scott Widner

Letterwinners lost: TJ Nethery, Clint Nation

Letterwinners returning: Kyle Demick, Chandler Hale, JJ Myers, Adam Lovan, Stephen Marshall, Zack Farmer, Jared Thurston, Colby Dunigan, Kyle Baker, Bobby Pierce, Cody Beck, Lucas Bolander, Alex Moore, Austin Watson, Michael McDole

Newcomers: Mason Griggs, Gavin Griggs, Jared Winniger, Wayde Stiers, Patrick Resler, Austin Pullins, Cody McDole

Coach’s outlook: “Our main goal is to compete, improve athletically and gain more experience. We are still pretty young with a lot of young kids doing things for us. This year’s team is overall more solid (than last year’s). Our mid-distance kids are a little better than last year, and we return a lot of kids as well. We have a lot of kids out, I think 35, so we have enough to fill every event.”

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