The Herald Bulletin

December 6, 2012

Angie Colip: Scores heat up as temps get colder

— There have been some high scores shot these last few weeks. Steve Colip shot a 300 game in the Pick Your Partner league at Cooper’s Sport Bowl. Colip finished the night with a 770 series with games of 236, 300 and 234. He bowls in this league with his son, Charlie.

In the TNT league also at Cooper’s, Tim Jarvis shot a perfect 300 game with a 783 series. Jarvis also hit “break the bank” that night only to have to split it with son Trent.

Left-hander Mason Ward of Alexandria shot this season’s only reported 800 series at Norwood. Ward shot an 821 with games of 268, 254 and 299. Ward is a junior at Alexandria-Monroe High School and is leading the high school bowling conference with a 227 average. Ward also tops the standings with a high game of 300 and high series with a 547.

After five weeks of high school competition, an undefeated Pendleton Heights boys team leads the conference. Alexandria and Anderson stand in second and third, respectively, with a record of 4-1 for both. Local teams Anderson Preparatory and Frankton both carry a 3-2 record, while Frankton, Elwood, Lapel and Madison Grant are all 2-3.

On the girls’ side, an undefeated Alexandria sits on top. Noblesville is in second with a 4-1 record. Anderson stands in third going 3-2, while Pendleton, Elwood and Madison Grant are all 1-4.

Tonight’s matchups will be in Elwood with the boys at Lucky and the girls at Wells. The boys’ pairings are Elwood vs. Westfield, Madison Grant vs. Anderson Prep, Lapel vs. Hamilton Heights, Alexandria vs. Frankton and Pendleton will face off with Anderson.

The girls’ pairings are Noblesville vs. Madison Grant, Anderson vs. Hamilton Heights, Pendleton vs. Elwood and Alexandria has the bye.

I would like to thank all of you who have commented on the recent changes to my column’s format. I have received many positive remarks recently and truly appreciate them. I tried to change up what can tend to be dry and boring. There are only so many ways to report scores. I have added humor, sentimentality, history and some stories about what “could be.” The saying about never being too old to learn is exactly what I am doing. I am trying new things, learning and listening to what you, the reader, would like to hear.

With all of the encouragement I have received, I will continue with this new, and hopefully improved, format more frequently. The scores, results and special upcoming events will still be reported, but I may just shake things up here and there. Change can be a good thing. Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue because you never know what next week will bring.